Teddy Bear Brownie Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

CROCHET PATTERN “TeddybearBrownie” B Y B E L O U S O V A K N I T Hello 🙂 This free crochet pattern is my work of authorship, therefore ALLOWED: With the indication of the author (i.e. me): * post on various resources, PROHIBITED: * sell this MK, because he is my free contribution […]

Cute Teddy Bear Amigurumi Free Pattern

Pattern Designer profile Instagram @tata_memories Facebook group: Amigurumi Free Patterns LIST OF MATERIALS REQUIRED 1. Himalaya Dolphin FINE yarn of your favorite shade. 2. Yarn Alize Softy light shade for the muzzle (in two additions). 3. Strong thread in tone of the main (for thread fastening), and also white and brown thread for the design of […]

Amigurumi Big Bear Billy Free Crochet Pattern

Big Bear Billy. Abbreviations: sl-st → slip-stitch ch → chain sc → single crochet dc → double crochet inc → increase dec → decrease mr → magic ring Foot 1: 1: İNTO MAGİC RİNG [2 sc, 2 dc] x2 (8)  2: 8 inc (16)  3: [1 sc, 1 inc] x8 (24)  4: [2 sc, 1 […]

Amigurumi Little Funny Bear Free Crochet Pattern

Translation: Koreneva Irina Little funny bears love travel and hug, will best friends To you and your children. Toy Height – about 23 cm in height. Necessary materials – Bravo Yarn Schachenmayr – Bravo Schachenmeier Composition – 100% Polyacryl (50 gr. / 133 m.) You can take inexpensive Karachaevsk yarn in tangles (50 gr. / […]

Amigurumi Teddy Bear Free Crochet Pattern With Velvet Rope

You will need: 1. “Kuzya Klubochkin” from Color City (15% cotton, 85% polyamide, 95 m / 50 g) color No. 35 (chocolate) – 4 skeins, color No. 25 (sand) – 1 skein. 2. Hook number 3. 3. Filler (holofiber). 4. Optionally – 1.5 mm cross-sectional copper wire for reinforcing the upper legs. 5. Cotter pins […]

Amigurumi Confused Teddy Bear Free Crochet Pattern

Facebook group: Amigurumi Free Patterns PLUSH COMPANY. This description is for personal use only. Forbidden to sell descriptions. When publishing finished works, it is advisable to indicate the author of the description. The company consists of three pussies friends. They are connected according to one description. But only from different yarns and decoration different faces. Robert […]