Amigurumi Bunny with Velvet Rope Free Crochet Pattern

Materials Himalaya Dolphin Baby 2 skeins color 80333 and lesl-st skeins color 80308 Holofiber filler For eyes, semi-cotton yarn in black, blue and white For the nose, semi-cotton yarn of pink color or plastic nose Strong thread for sewing details to match the toy Hook number 4.5 Stitching needle Scisl-stors and marker Bow ribbon Tightly […]

Drooping Ear Bunny Amigurumi Free Pattern

We need HIMALAYA Dolphin baby yarn, filler, eyes, hook size 4.5, and a little yarn for the spout. Abbreviations: Ch- chain Sc – single crochet HDC- half double crochet İnc- increase Dec- decrease PATTERN @kat_yarovishka Face loop facial Wrong loop The body and head are knitted in one piece: 1 row-6sc (6) 2 row-inc in […]

Amigurumi Cute Bow Tie Bunny Free Crochet Pattern

abbreviations Magic ring:  Magic ring SC:  Single Crochet               İnc:  Increase Dec:  Decrease Blo:  Knitting from the back lobe Flo:  Knitting from the front lobe Ch:  Chain PATTERN Head 1) Magic ring into 6sc 2) 6inc 12sc 3) (1sc 1inc) * 6 18sc 4) (2sc 1inc) * 6 24sc 5) (3sc 1inc) * 6 30sc 6) (4sc 1inc) * 6 36sc 7) (5sc […]

Amigurumi Gardener Bunny Free Crochet Pattern

We continue to bring you the most beautiful amigurumi free patterns. In this article amigurumi bunny free pattern is waiting for you. abbreviations Mr = Magic ring sc = single crochet inc = Increase dec = decrease sl-st = slip-stitch HDC= Half double crochet DC =double crochet Tr= Treble crochet W= Increase by making 1 […]

Amigurumi Bunny Minty Free Crochet Pattern

Materials; Rope. Alize Cotton Gold / hook 2.20 mm  Hat. YarnArt Jeans / hook 2.50 mm  Scarf. YarnArt Jeans / skewer 2.50 number Terms; Magic ring SC: Single crochet  Inc: increase Dec: decrease  Sl-st: slip-stitch Dc: double crochet  (inc-dc): double crochet increase  (dec-dc): Double crochet decrease HEAD; 1. Magic ring 6sc  2. 6inc 12sc  3.1sc […]

Amigurumi Rainbow Bunny Free Crochet Pattern

Rainbow bunny Necessary materials: • Yarn Gazzal baby cotton (50/165); • Hook clover No. 2; • Mouline thread for the design of the face; • Filler; • Screw eyes (for my toys I I use 10 and 8 mm); • Needle, scissors, marker (if used); Everything fits in a spiral Terms and Abbreviations: • Ch […]

Amigurumi Sunny Bunny Free Crochet Pattern

Master class Sunny Bunny author Olga Zimina Materials: 1. Hook number 1.75 2. Yarn Jeans or Alize Cotton Milk, light yellow (slightly) 3. Yellow softy yarn (for tummy and tail) 4. Eyes on 10mm safety mount 5. The nose is plastic 6.Glue-gel Moment 7. Filling 8. Needle for stitching parts 9. Satin ribbon for decoration […]

Amigurumi Bunny Styopa Free Crochet Pattern

Bunny Styopa. Crochet toy. Description of knitting and a complete set of instructions. Good afternoon! On this page I will tell you about the knitted hare Stepashka. Towards the end of this workshop, you will learn what advantages the wrong side of a crocheted fabric has, the technique of felting dry in decorating a toy […]

Amigurumi Cute Bunny Free Crochet Pattern

We continue to share Amigurumi free patterns with a beautiful model. For this beautiful amigurumi bunny pattern; TERMS USED. Mr: magic ringsc: single crochetdec: decreaseinc: increasesl-st: slip-stitch PATTERN BUNNY HEAD 1)Magic ring 6sc 2)6inc (12) 3)(1sc,1inc)*6 (18) 4) (2sc,1inc)*6 (24) 5) (3sc,1inc)*6 (30) 6) (4sc,1inc)*6 (36) 7) (5sc,1inc)*6 (42) 8) (6sc,1inc)*6 (48) 9) (7sc,1inc)*6 (54) […]