Amigurumi Fat Bee Free Crochet Pattern

Abbrevations SC = single crochet Inc = Increase Dec = decrease Dc = Double crochet sl-st = slip stitch Ch = Chain Head: With yellow thread; 1) Magic ring = 6sc 2) 6inc = 12sc 3) 1sc, 1inc = 18sc 4) 2sc, 1inc = 24sc 5) 3sc, 1inc = 30sc 6) 4sc, 1inc = 36sc […]

Amigurumi Maya the Bee Free Crochet Pattern

Cartoon character Maya the Bee is waiting for you in amigurumi crochet toy free pattern. Everything you are looking for amigurumi on this site. abbreviations SC:  Single Crochet İnc:  Increase Dec:  Decrease Blo:  Knitting from the back lobe Flo:  Knitting from the front lobe Ch:  Chain PATTERN HEAD 1) 6sc (Magic ring) 2) 12sc 3) sc, inc 4) 2SC, inc 5) […]

Cute Bee in Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

In this article we will share the amigurumi cute bee free crochet pattern. Amigurumi related to everything you can not find and share with you. Cute Bee in Amigurumi TermonologyMR Magic RingCh ChainSl st slip stitch Sc single crochetHdc half double crochetDc double crochetTr (or trc) triple (or treble) crochetInc increase (Add one or more […]