Amigurumi Airplane Free Crochet Pattern

Hello, We will share the cute amigurumi airplane pattern that our little ones will love. If you are ready for this recipe that is very easy to make, let’s start Materials Gazzal Baby Cotton hand knitting ropes; 1 piece Blue (3423) color rope 1 piece Green (3449) color rope 1 piece Orange (3419) color rope A […]

Amigurumi Airplane Free Pattern

Facebook group: Amigurumi Free Patterns MATERIALS which you will need:  – yarn x yarn, its analogue of different colors (for me: as in the photo): – hook hey 2; – yarn corresponding hook; – black felt (size 5 * 5 cm is enough); – yarn for a nose (for me); – twist for prpshavanyaya detailed; – […]