Amigurumi Patrick Star Free Crochet Pattern

Free pattern, its sale is prohibited. It is allowed to make the doll for sale on a small scale, if you make it please tag me to see your final result and mention All crochet as pattern designer. Being a free skipper I reserve the availability to answer questions about it. To make this doll […]

Amigurumi Elephant Toma Free Crochet Pattern

The size of the finished toy with the materials I used is 32 cm. The size of the toy depends on the thickness of the yarn, the thickness of the hook and the density of knitting! PATTERN: @Lilya Iskakova Facebook group: Amigurumi Free Patterns Necessary material for the elephant Toma: 1. Gray yarn, I had it a […]

Cute Teddy Bear Amigurumi Free Pattern

Pattern Designer profile Instagram @tata_memories Facebook group: Amigurumi Free Patterns LIST OF MATERIALS REQUIRED 1. Himalaya Dolphin FINE yarn of your favorite shade. 2. Yarn Alize Softy light shade for the muzzle (in two additions). 3. Strong thread in tone of the main (for thread fastening), and also white and brown thread for the design of […]

Amigurumi Bunny Minty Free Crochet Pattern

Materials; Rope. Alize Cotton Gold / hook 2.20 mm  Hat. YarnArt Jeans / hook 2.50 mm  Scarf. YarnArt Jeans / skewer 2.50 number Terms; Magic ring SC: Single crochet  Inc: increase Dec: decrease  Sl-st: slip-stitch Dc: double crochet  (inc-dc): double crochet increase  (dec-dc): Double crochet decrease HEAD; 1. Magic ring 6sc  2. 6inc 12sc  3.1sc […]

Amigurumi Smryna Doll Free Crochet Pattern

ABBREVATİONS Magic ring: magic ring SC: single crochet INC: increase DEC: decrease CH: chain Dc: double crochet Dcinc: double crochet increase sl-st: slip stitch • Blo: knitting from the back of the loop • Flo: knitting from the front of the loop PATTERN VİDEO TUTORİAL Smryna doll (left leg) we start with white 1) […]

Amigurumi Maya Doll Free Crochet Pattern

MAYA BABY MATERIALS • 2 mm – 2.20 mm crochet • Gazzal baby coton skin color 3412 • Gazzal baby coton pink 3411 • Gazzal baby coton lilac 3420 • Gazzal baby coton white 3410 • Gazzal baby coton purple 3440 • Alize boucle 6020 (hair) • Some black, brown, burgundy thread (eyes and mouth) […]

Amigurumi Fat Bee Free Crochet Pattern

Abbrevations SC = single crochet Inc = Increase Dec = decrease Dc = Double crochet sl-st = slip stitch Ch = Chain Head: With yellow thread; 1) Magic ring = 6sc 2) 6inc = 12sc 3) 1sc, 1inc = 18sc 4) 2sc, 1inc = 24sc 5) 3sc, 1inc = 30sc 6) 4sc, 1inc = 36sc […]

Amigurumi Miss Piggy Free Crochet Pattern

Miss Piggy – Free Amigurumi Pattern by Yana Dym Sky Materials: Catania / Alize Bahar Cotton Yarn hook 2.25 mm eyes 10 mm Abbreviations: dc – double crochet ch – chain inc – increase sl-st – slip-stitch dec – decrease sc – single crochet () x? – repeat description between brackets 1. HEAD R1: 6 […]

Amigurumi Fat Doll Free Crochet Pattern

I spread the little scheme here such, not at all difficult in the performance of my author’s kid. Materials and tools we need: Yarn Jeans from Yarn Art (55% cotton, 45% polyacryl, 160 m in 50 g) pens, for the face, pens and legs. Yarn Jeans from Yarn Art or Alize Coton Gold (55% cotton […]

Amigurumi Cock Free Crochet Patterns

We continue to share the latest amigurumi recipes. In this article we shared the recipe for cute cock. We will continue to share new recipes with you every day. Materials To tie a singing cock we need:  yarn (I used mercerized cotton) of white, yellow, orange, green and peach flowers;  a hook suitable […]