Amigurumi Robot Free Pattern

Materials and tools:  yarn of four colors: gray, light green, turquoise, lilac;  a suitable size hook;  stuff for stuffing;  scissors;  needle for stitching;  eyes: buttons, beads, special plastic eyes for toys;  something to decorate: buttons, beads, beads, etc .;  felt for face design and other details (according […]

Drooping Ear Bunny Amigurumi Free Pattern

We need HIMALAYA Dolphin baby yarn, filler, eyes, hook size 4.5, and a little yarn for the spout. Abbreviations: Ch- chain Sc – single crochet HDC- half double crochet İnc- increase Dec- decrease PATTERN @kat_yarovishka Face loop facial Wrong loop The body and head are knitted in one piece: 1 row-6sc (6) 2 row-inc in […]

Amigurumi Cat March Free Crochet Pattern

MATERIALS AND TOOLS For knitting a cat we need:  The main yarn in three colors: Children’s novelty from Pekhorka 200m / 50g white, orange brown You can use any yarn “from the same series”  For small parts, the mouline thread is red for the tongue, white is a snowflake for the eyes, green, […]

Amigurumi Watermelon Girl Free Crochet Pattern

Abbreviations: ch – chain sc – single crochet inc – increase dec – decrease sl st – slip stitch Watermelon girl Head (x2): It is woven in rows. F1 : 31c., 1 sc in 2nd from crochet, 29 sc, 1c and g. F2 – 7:30 sc 1c and g. F8 : skip 1pt, 27 sc, […]

Teddy Bear Brownie Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

CROCHET PATTERN “TeddybearBrownie” B Y B E L O U S O V A K N I T Hello 🙂 This free crochet pattern is my work of authorship, therefore ALLOWED: With the indication of the author (i.e. me): * post on various resources, PROHIBITED: * sell this MK, because he is my free contribution […]

Captain Dog Maxi Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

Materials 1 Ball of Amigurumi Maxi colors: 7650 (Almond), 8990 (Black), 2856 (Deep Indigo), 8013 (Glacial), 3528 (Carmine); Crochet hook – 5 mm; Tapestry needle – No. 16; Smoked safety eyes – 18 mm; Fiber for filling. Size: 35cm high. EXECUTION Legs (2x) Start with 7650 (Almond) 1 row – 6sc inside the magic ring […]

Amigurumi Cat Felix Free Crochet Pattern

Separate the necessary materials and a good crochet. Abbreviations: ch – chain sc – single crochet DC – double crochet inc – increase dec – decrease sl-st – slip stitch FLO – front stitch hinges BLO – back loops of a column Amigurumi Cat Felix Body: Start with the 1st Clear Water Green color . […]

Amigurumi Unicorn Girl Meli Free Crochet Pattern

MATERIALS Yarn: Skin color, white, sugar pink, yellow, lilac, turquoise, light pink. – black eye 12 mm Abbreviations: ch – air loop sc – single crochet DC – double crochet inc – increase dec – decrease sl-st – slip stitch FLO – front stitch hinges BLO – back loops of a column Head, beige yarn […]

Cute Amigurumi Frog Prince Free Crochet Pattern

Frog Prince crochet pattern Materials Needed: Yarn: Red Heart Spring Green, Red Heart Yellow, Red Heart White Hook Sizes: F hook 18 mm safety eyes scissors sewing needle stitch marker fiber fill stuffing black embroidery thread red ribbon red fabric Abbreviations: MR= Magic Ring sc= single crochet inc= increase dec= decrease (4 sc, inc) x […]

Amigurumi Grayson the Giraffe Free Crochet Pattern

Grayson the giraffe crochet pattern Copyright 2016 of Sweet Oddity. All rights reserved. You are not allowed to sell this pattern. You are not allowed to distribute or publish this pattern in any form. You are not allowed to alter this pattern in any form. About this pattern Please do not sell this pattern in […]

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