Amigurumi Watermelon Girl Free Crochet Pattern

Abbreviations: ch – chain sc – single crochet inc – increase dec – decrease sl st – slip stitch Watermelon girl Head (x2): It is woven in rows. F1 : 31c., 1 sc in 2nd from crochet, 29 sc, 1c and g. F2 – 7:30 sc 1c and g. F8 : skip 1pt, 27 sc, […]

Amigurumi Unicorn Girl Meli Free Crochet Pattern

MATERIALS Yarn: Skin color, white, sugar pink, yellow, lilac, turquoise, light pink. – black eye 12 mm Abbreviations: ch – air loop sc – single crochet DC – double crochet inc – increase dec – decrease sl-st – slip stitch FLO – front stitch hinges BLO – back loops of a column Head, beige yarn […]

Amigurumi Patrick Star Free Crochet Pattern

Free pattern, its sale is prohibited. It is allowed to make the doll for sale on a small scale, if you make it please tag me to see your final result and mention All crochet as pattern designer. Being a free skipper I reserve the availability to answer questions about it. To make this doll […]

Amigurumi Smryna Doll Free Crochet Pattern

ABBREVATİONS Magic ring: magic ring SC: single crochet INC: increase DEC: decrease CH: chain Dc: double crochet Dcinc: double crochet increase sl-st: slip stitch • Blo: knitting from the back of the loop • Flo: knitting from the front of the loop PATTERN VİDEO TUTORİAL Smryna doll (left leg) we start with white 1) […]

Amigurumi Maya Doll Free Crochet Pattern

MAYA BABY MATERIALS • 2 mm – 2.20 mm crochet • Gazzal baby coton skin color 3412 • Gazzal baby coton pink 3411 • Gazzal baby coton lilac 3420 • Gazzal baby coton white 3410 • Gazzal baby coton purple 3440 • Alize boucle 6020 (hair) • Some black, brown, burgundy thread (eyes and mouth) […]

Amigurumi Fat Doll Free Crochet Pattern

I spread the little scheme here such, not at all difficult in the performance of my author’s kid. Materials and tools we need: Yarn Jeans from Yarn Art (55% cotton, 45% polyacryl, 160 m in 50 g) pens, for the face, pens and legs. Yarn Jeans from Yarn Art or Alize Coton Gold (55% cotton […]

Amigurumi İcelyn Doll Free Crochet Pattern

We share the latest free patterns with Amigurumi with you. In this article, amigurumi icelyn doll free crochet pattern is waiting for you. Material List • Hook: Clover Amure 2.00 mm • Acrylic thread: – Beige – St. Yellow – Pink – St. Pink – Brown – White • Pink yarn with a pile (eg: […]

Amigurumi Veterinary Doll Free Crochet Pattern

Surgeon or Veterinary Amigurumi, Free Pattern It has taken me a long time, but since a friend told me that I needed a vet doll Amigurumi I have been thinking about how to do it. The clothes are removable because the children like the most is to undress the dolls (the ones you have you […]

Amigurumi Jester Free Crochet Pattern

Cheerful, kind, carefree, cheerful Parsley. Will be your true friend to kid. Cheers and cheers up. This toy is a work of authorship, therefore publication of the description is prohibited. You can dispose of the finished toy without restriction. When publishing work and ideas descriptions mention of the author is required. In the sale and […]

Amigurumi Doll Tonti and Yumi Free Crochet Pattern

1-1 TONTI and YUMI BODY RECIPE 1-2 Hello friends. First of all thank you for buying and buying my design. Explanatory for you and I put a lot of effort into making a clear recipe. For your use when knitting I tried to enrich with pictures. As a girl or boy in the recipe There […]

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