Amigurumi Mushroom Baby Free Crochet Pattern

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Amigurumi related to each other with beautiful patterns continue to bring you. Amigurumi mushroom baby crochet pattern is waiting for you in this article.


Rope in the desired color for the big baby (I used Katia)

Silicone rod for neck

2.20 mm tig

Eye locked bead fiber mm



Sewing needle

surprise eggs and beads (household material)

ready apparatus 12mm safe eye

Fiber, sewing needldec, black thread (for eyebrow processing)


Mr:  Magic ring

SC: Single crochet

İnc: increase

Dec: Decrease

Dc: Double crochet

Hdc: Half double crochet

sl-st: Slip stitch



(We’ll learn the head with sl-st. To avoid slipping while wearing the eye)

1- Magic ring 6sc 6

2-6inc = 12

3- (1sc, 1) 6 = 18

4- (2sc, 1inc) 6 = 24

5- (3sc, 1inc) * 6 = 30

6- (4sc, 1inc) 6 = 36

7- (5sc, 1inc) 6 = 42

8- (6sc, 1inc) 6 = 48

9- (7sc, 1inc) 6 = 54

10-17) 54sc

18-22sc, (1sc, 1inc) * 4.5, (1sc, 1inc) .4 11sc = 62sc

19-23) 62sc

24-22sc, (1sc, 1dec) * 4 (1sc, 1dec) * 4 11sc = 54sc

25- (7sc, 1dec) * 6 = 48sc

26- (3sc, 1dec), (6sc, 1dec) * 5,3sc = 42sc

27- (5sc, 1dec) * 6 = 36sc

28- (2sc, 1dec), (4sc, 1dec) * 5,2sc = 30sc

29- (3sc, 1dec) * 6 = 24 sc

I leave a long string .. For sewing ..

Eyes I wear 8 stitches between 16th and 17th row (I used 12mm)

I do eyebrow eyelashes before screwing eyes. You can take advantage of the youtuber for head shaping.

I used 2 mm crochet for mushroom doll.


1-We align the feet with 7chains. 24sc from the first leg, 7sc from the chain 24sc from the second leg 62sc

2- 62sc

3- (12sc, 1inc) * 4, 10sc 66sc

4-13) 66sc

5- (12sc, 1dec) * 4 10sc 62sc

6-7) 62sc

8- (9sc, 1dec) * 5 (5sc, 1dec). 56sc

9-11) 56sc

12- (7sc, 1dec) * 6sc50sc

13-14) 50sc

15- (6sc, 1dec) * 6 2sc 44sc

16-17) 44sc

18-17sc, 1dec, 19sc, 1dec, 4sc 42sc


20- (5sc, 1dec) * 6 30sc

In the meantime, we are adding arms. Previously doubled and left as 7SC arms. We pay attention to the escact centering and insertion.

23- (We are changing to skin color.) (3sc, 1dec) 24sc

24 -25) 24sc

When knitting the arms, we add the stitches from both the body and the arm.

Arms (2 pcs.)

1- Magic ring 6sc

2-Each loop 2sc 12sc

3-1sc, 1inc to the end 18sc

4-7) 18sc

8-2dec, 14sc16sc

9-Blo. Color changes 16sc

10-16) 16sc

17-10sc, 1dec, 2sc 15sc

18-23) 15sc

24-11sc, 1dec, 2sc14sc

25 -26) 14sc

we fold in half and weave 7sc.


We’re pulling 32 chains. We turn two chains and we’re playing 31 hdc. Rotate 2 chains. DC a chain skip to the same ilmege DC a sc (repeat the same process to the end of the sequencdec) 2Chain the chain. Combine the 5dc gaps with the sl-st into the single chain drawn space.


1-Magic ring into 12sc

2-Each ilmege 2dc 24dc

3-1dc, 1dcinc  to the end 36dc

4-2dc, 1dcinc  to the end 48dc

(we connect the end with sl-st. We draw three chains on the turns. I count the three chains as the first HDC)


6-3dc, 1dcinc  to the end of the sequence 60dc

7-4dc, 1dcinc  to the end of the sequence 72dc

8- 72DC

9-3dc, 1dcinc  to 90dc to the end

10-One line 90dc

11-White rope. (5sc, 1dec) I knit as blo This order is 78sc


13-12dc, 1dc decreasdec, 6dc, 1dc decrease. 72dc

14-7dc, 1dc decrease as well as the end of 64dc

15-3sc, 1dec to the end

16- I’m knitting a row of reverse sc.

Note-Flo is a chain with red rope on the ground sl-st 1sc. 1 chain sl st row to the end ..


magic ring 6sc

The magic ring can make any number of 12hdc ..


I keep going to the end of the line by making two chain sl-st two chain sl-st where we do Flo’s. The same procedure applies to the Flo s in the arm. The mouth is processed through the nose sisc times downwards and sisc times. The lashes are processed without screwing the eyes. The muscles are processed according to the taste of the eyes in four rows. You can look at the amigurumi face shaping videos for the face form .. I used 2.20 tig for big mushroom baby I used a 12mm locked eye. I used a 1.75 mm crochet hook for the small rattle head and knitted it more tightly.


1- 8 chain check. From the 2nd chain 6sc with the last chain 3sc, 5sc, 1inc 16sc

2-1sc, 5sc, 3, 5sc, 2inc 22sc

3-1sc, 1inc, 5sc, (1sc, 1inc) * 3, 5sc, (1sc, 1inc) * 2 28sc

4-6) 28sc

7-1sc, 6dec, 9sc 22sc

8-2sc, 1dec, 2sc, 4dec, 2sc, 1dec, 4sc 16sc

9- (2sc, 1dec) * 4 12sc

10-Blo with red rope

11-a row of straight 12sc

12- (1sc, 7inc) * 6 78sc

13-1sc, 11 (2sc, 1inc) * 5, 1sc 24sc

14-15) row between 2 rows of straight 24sc

16-8sc weave and cut here.

If you haven’t come to the siddec, you can make more or less stitches.

The second leg weaving in the same way without breaking the rope continue. The second leg will be the last row 20sc ..

Mushroom cingirak Head

1- Magic ring 6sc

2-2sc 12sc for each loop

3- (1sc, 1inc) * 6 18sc

4- (2sc, 1inc) * 6 24sc

5- (3sc, 1inc) * 6 30sc

6- (4sc, 1inc) * 6 36sc

7- (5sc, 1inc) * 6 42sc

8- (6sc, 1inc) * 6 48sc

9- (7sc, 1inc) * 6 54sc

10-17) 54sc

19-22sc, (1sc, 1inc) * 4, 5sc, (1sc, 1inc) * 4 11sc 62sc

20-24) 62sc

25-22sc, (1sc, 1dec) * 4 5sc (1sc, 1dec) * 4 11sc 54sc

26- (7sc, 1sc) * 6 48sc

27- (3sc, 1dec), (6sc, 1dec) * 5, 3sc 42sc

28- (5sc, 1dec) * 6 36sc

29- (2sc, 1dec), (4sc, 1dec) * 5, 2sc30sc

30- (3sc, 1dec) * 6 24sc

31- (1sc, 1dec), (2sc, 1dec) * 5, 1sc 18sc

32- (1sc, 1dec)

Completely subtracting the end of the queue.

The eyes are inserted between the 16th and 17th rows with 8 sc intervals.

I knit the rattle head with a 1.75 tig.

Mushroom baby I used 2.20 in the head.


It is 30zinc. We pull 2 chains and turn. 29HDC. We’re turning 2 chains. DC Pull a chain to the same loop as DC. Jump to DC with a SC skip (repeat the same operation to the end of the sequencdec) with two chains at the end of the sequence. 5dc breaks to sl-st

Cingirak Hat

1-Magic ring 11sc

2- 11 DCİNC  22DC

3-1DC, 1 DCİNC  to the end of the sequence. 31dc

4-2dc, 1dcinc  41 dc to the end of the sequence.

5-3dc, 1dcinc  to the end of the sequence.

6-row straight to the end e.g.

7-3DC, 1DCİNC  to the end of the sequence.

8-4DC, 1DCİNC  sequence to the end. 60DC

9 – One row straight across 60 DC

10-3dc, 1dcinc  to the end. 76dc

11-One row of flat eg 76dc

12-one row 76sc

13-White rope (blo) 5sc 1dec to the end of the row. 64sc 14-One row 64dc

15-12DC, 1DC subtract from the end of the sequence.

16-7DC, 1DC subtract from the end of the sequence.

17 – 5DC to 1 DC subtract from the end to the end.

We’re doing an 18-row reverse sc.

(Flo is a chain sl-st with a red rope to the floor. I’m doing a link with a chain sl-st. To the end of the sequence.)

I make three chain turns and connect with sl-st.

For the cingirak ring.

I’m pulling 32 chains. Return to a chain check (but you adjust it according to the size of the ring). 31 hdc (knitting from blo). Rotate the end of the row with a chain, 3 more rows of 31 hdc (from blo), the last row of straight sc (If it does not escpand, you can make one row of Hdc.)


6sc into magic ring (desired number)

Magic ring into 12 hdc (desired number)

Mouth to eye Nose processing, such as eye location, details are as great as the mushrooms baby.

I knit the head sl-st .. Please note

Mushroom Pacifier Chain


1- Magic ring 6sc

2- 6 inc. 12sc 12sc

3- (1sc, 1inc) * 6 18sc

4- (2sc, 1inc) * 6 24sc

5- (3sc, 1inc) * 6 30sc

6- (4sc, 1inc) * 6 36sc

7- (5sc, 1inc) * 6 42sc


9-blo with white (5sc, 1 dec) * 6 36sc

10- (4sc, 1dec) * 6 30sc

11- (3sc, 1dec) * 6 24sc

12- (2sc, 1dec) * 6 18sc

13- (1sc, 1dec) * 6 12sc

14-17) 12sc

18- (3sc, 1inc) * 3 15sc


20- (3sc, 1dec) * 3 12sc

21 close by reducing You can adjust the mushroom size to your liking. Let’s put the red rope on the flo. (1sc 1 chain sl-st) continue until the end of the sequence.

Pacifier chain for balls

(I didn’t use fibers inside. I put ball-sized beads. So it’s easier to get through the chain rope. It’s smoother and more rounded.)

1- Magic ring 6sc

2-6inc. 12sc

3- (1sc, 1inc) * 5 15sc

4-6) 15sc

7- (1sc, 1dec) * 6 12sc

Close with the help of the needle towards the end of the continuous reducing close. Butterfly 6 chain pulling and making magic ring. (close with sl-st) we pull two chains and move on top. (2dc 2 chain 2dc, 2 chain 2dc, let’s repeat this process eight times and cut the rope. 2.color sl-st between 2dc, 6dc on two chains, sl-st between 2dc, 6dc on 2 chains repeat until the end butterfly. Fold in half with nine chains tied with sl-st from the back .. The butterfly takes shape.

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