Amigurumi Cute Hippopotamus Free Crochet Pattern

 In this article, we shared the cute hippopotamus amigurumi for you. Amigurumi patterns can be easily accessed from our site. If you want your children to stay away from unhealthy plastic toys, you can learn for them one of the dozens of amigurumi recipes on our site. You can be the first to be informed […]

Amigurumi Tedy Bear Free Crochet Pattern

We meet you again with a very nice amigurumi teddy bear pattern. Amigurumi free patterns can be found on our website. abbreviations sc– single crochet   Ch – Chain   inc – increase   Dec – Decrease   sl-st – slip stitch   DC – double crochet BEAR PATTERN LEGS 1) Magic ring 6sc 2) […]

Amigurumi Cute Bear with Velvet Rope Free Crochet Pattern

Materials – Himalaya Dolphin Baby yarn or equivalents (1 skein for pajamas, 1 skein of color body and a little white). – 4mm hook – safe eyes at least 10 mm – spout or thread for embroidery spout – filler The height of the toy with tight knitting: ~ 35 cm, excluding hats, sitting about […]

Amigurumi Lion Free Crochet Pattern

Amigurumi related to each other, we continue to bring you beautiful shares. In this article, amigurumi lion free pattern is waiting for you. YOU WILL NEED • Yarn of your choice in colors: mustard yellow, terracotta red and beige for crocheting and sewing pieces together; • Embroidery thread in egg yolk color for making ears, […]

Amigurumi Bunny with Velvet Rope Free Crochet Pattern

Materials Himalaya Dolphin Baby 2 skeins color 80333 and lesl-st skeins color 80308 Holofiber filler For eyes, semi-cotton yarn in black, blue and white For the nose, semi-cotton yarn of pink color or plastic nose Strong thread for sewing details to match the toy Hook number 4.5 Stitching needle Scisl-stors and marker Bow ribbon Tightly […]

Amigurumi Robot Free Pattern

Materials and tools:  yarn of four colors: gray, light green, turquoise, lilac;  a suitable size hook;  stuff for stuffing;  scissors;  needle for stitching;  eyes: buttons, beads, special plastic eyes for toys;  something to decorate: buttons, beads, beads, etc .;  felt for face design and other details (according […]

Drooping Ear Bunny Amigurumi Free Pattern

We need HIMALAYA Dolphin baby yarn, filler, eyes, hook size 4.5, and a little yarn for the spout. Abbreviations: Ch- chain Sc – single crochet HDC- half double crochet İnc- increase Dec- decrease PATTERN @kat_yarovishka Face loop facial Wrong loop The body and head are knitted in one piece: 1 row-6sc (6) 2 row-inc in […]

Amigurumi Elf Dobbi Free Crochet Pattern

Necessary materials Yarn: – white – beige / flesh, – yellow – red – navy blue – gray – color / section (gray-beige shade). Crochet hook matching your yarn. Wire frame Cardboard or plastic Sintepon / sintepuh / hollofiber Scissors Needle Black eye beads Clasp-clasp for jewelry (in our case, for a flashlight). Small electronic […]

Amigurumi Maya the Bee Free Crochet Pattern

Cartoon character Maya the Bee is waiting for you in amigurumi crochet toy free pattern. Everything you are looking for amigurumi on this site. abbreviations SC:  Single Crochet İnc:  Increase Dec:  Decrease Blo:  Knitting from the back lobe Flo:  Knitting from the front lobe Ch:  Chain PATTERN HEAD 1) 6sc (Magic ring) 2) 12sc 3) sc, inc 4) 2SC, inc 5) […]

Amigurumi Frog Free Crochet Pattern

We continue to bring you the most beautiful amigurumi patterns. In this article, amigurumi frog free crochet pattern is waiting for you. Materials: 1. Yarn Jeans from Yarn Art 150/50 or Cotton Gold from Alize is green, a little white, yellow and light green. 2. Hook No. 1.75 or 2 3. Filler for toys 4. […]

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